Small Group Testimony

  Small Group Testimony  

Doug's Small Group Testimony

Not too long after we had started coming to The Oaks church on a regular basis, Karen and I were asked if we would like to attend a meeting on small groups.  I recall at the time we asked ourselves, "Is this really for us?"  We knew nothing about small groups...what they did, what the people in the group would be like, did we know enough about religion...or basically would we fit in.

We decided to attend the meeting on small groups, and shortly thereafter we were asked to join Pastor Marty & Joni's group, the preacher's group!  OH MY!  We thought, "Can we handle something like this?"  I mean, if you knew the way I had been my whole life-----wild and crazy!...Well...we said YES and it has been a true blessing for Karen and I!!

Being in our small group has changed Karen and I.  We both notice that we try to live more for Jesus.  We do our 10+10, on a regular basis we pray for others; friends, family, acquaintances, even people we may not personally know.  We read the Bible and listen to it on CD's and radio, and we discuss the Bible in our small group.  We find we are doing more and more with and around our small group and church family.  Personally, I find myself WANTING to go to church instead of hunting or fishing on Sunday morning!

My old friends and family at time may thinkg I am crazy.  They comment on the positive change within me!  Many simply haven't recognized on their own YET what I have found....JESUS!!  Believe me, I try to tell them, but some haven't totally gotten it, yet!  I will keep trying and I pray that they too will come to know Jesus one day.  Don't get me wrong, I am still wild and crazy, however in a lot more reserved and more God-centered way than in the past.

The fellowship, friendship and sense of family you get from going to small groups is amazing!  I never thought I would have opened up to people in the way that I have--our small group is a family.  We share, encourage, praise, morn, and pray together.  We have grown close with our small group family.  If you have not been to a small group meeting, I encourage you to attend one!  Small group may be for you, too!