Small Groups

  Small Groups  
As The Oaks has grown, it has become vital for us to be intentional about creating opportunities for individuals to grow in their faith in Jesus.  We believe that the best opportunity for that growth to happen is being part of a small group of believers committed to each other and to growing in faith as followers of Jesus.  To that end, The Oaks has a number of small groups that gather together during the week for fellowship and spiritual growth.  A majority of those who come to The Oaks are involved in a small group, and it is a great next step for anyone looking to grow deeper in their faith.


Every small group meets at least twice per month with some meeting more often than that.  Groups generally meet at homes or at The Oaks.  Most meetings consist of what we call the "Five L's"

Love On
We love one one another by just being together and sharing our lives together.

Learn With
We learn with one another by sharing in Bible study together (usually using questions based on the Sunday sermon).

Listen to
We listen to one another by sharing our joys and burdens with one another.

Lift Up
We lift up one another by joining together in a time of prayer.

Labor Together
We labor together by sharing in a mission project as a group at least once per year.