The Oaks Mission team is comprised of a Team Leader, Pastor Marty and other church members who meet as needed but no less than once quarterly.

Our Mission Statement is taken from God's written word in Acts 1:8. Jesus himself tells us "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Therefore as a body of believers in Christ Jesus we are committed to seeing His love and His kingdom rise up in our own back yards, our local communities and in all the world. We are ready and willing to go and serve in His name and for His glory alone. We ask and pray for discernment and obedience in staying in His will.

The Oaks church provides monthly ongoing support to several international missionaries.
Bob & Jean Young - Ghana
Jeff & Shauna Spence - Taiwan
Marcus & Anne Pearson - Nicaragua
Brenda Lewis - YWAM and India
John & Amanda Fielder - Kenya
Bill & Susan Weibel - South Africa
Joy & Lilliana Dongardive - India
Sandeep & Deena Dongardive - India
Doug Hollis - Indonesia
Stephanos & Magda Botonis - Greece
Holly Risinger - Berlin

In our community we aid in monthly support to these ministries:
Galesburg Rescue Mission
LaGrace Hall of Hope
Defenders of Freedom Veterans Home
Galesburg Christian School
ROWVA Food Pantry
Fish Food Pantry
Bill Allison & Cadre Ministries

We have a faithful group of men at The Oaks who are actively out and about the local community being the hands of feet of Jesus meeting the needs of others through various maintenance home repairs, property clean-up jobs, moving, etc. The favorite is their "Junkin for Jesus" work where they collect scrap metal and give the proceeds to missions projects.

The Witness Cross Ministry at The Oaks has been a wonderful two-fold blessing. It not only has financially helped one of our missionary couples teach and preach in South Africa but it has most importantly given many of our church family the opportunity to witness to others the Good News of the gospel when purchasing and "giving away" a cross. The testimonies are affirmation in God's plan for this ongoing project and to the faithful who make the crosses.

The first full week of August every year is our Local Mission Week. Over 100 of our members participate. Projects are scheduled for church family as well as many in our local communities. It is a time of service and fellowship with one another on a greater level of what we are all about at the Oaks which is one of God's greatest commandments, "Love your neighbor as yourself."


Witness Cross Ministry

Every Monday morning a group of Oaks members meet to make witness crosses.  Donations for the crosses benefit the Tentmakers Missionaries in South Africa.

To find out more about Tentmaker Ministries go to their website: