Youth Ministry

  Youth Ministry  



Reveal is the middle school and high school youth ministry of The Oaks Community Church, a non-denominational church located near Oak Run in Dahinda, IL.  We meet every Sunday in The Underground (it's a fancy name for our youth area in the basement of our building).  Reveal meets every Sunday from 5:00-7:00pm.

About Pastor Chuck

Pastor Chuck is the Associate Pastor at The Oaks.  He grew up just a few miles away from The Oaks, in Victoria, IL.  After he graduated from ROWVA high school in 1998 he spent a few years on a quest to better himself by going to college and learning how to make the world's greatest pizza (basically, he worked in a pizza place).  He has been in Youth Ministry since 2002, with a short stint as a Campus Pastor thrown in there in the middle.

He came to The Oaks in June of 2014 as the Associate Pastor.  He's primarily in charge of the Youth Ministry, Education Ministry, and Worship Team, but is also involved in a number of other ministries throughout the church (Tech Team, Interpretive Dance Team, etc).

He has been married to Sarah since 2002 and they have three daughters, Emily, Payton, and Charley.  When he's not trying to introduce people to Jesus you can find him watching Chicago Bears or Ohio State football, Cubs baseball, or tearing it up on the Xbox.