The Oaks Community Church's COVID-19 Response

The Oaks Leadership Board of Elders had a lengthy meeting to pray and discuss protocols for all future meetings, ministry, and maintaining of social connection in these times of serious pandemic.  Here are the unanimous decisions that we feel must be implemented until further notice.  We will continue in close contact as a group and update these decisions as necessary.

1) This is a deadly serious pandemic.  After researching, Doc John related that the testimony by Dr. Fauci (head of National Institute of Infectious Disease) that Coronavirus is 10X more serious than the regular flu is fact.  

2) The Oaks will abide by all recommendations of the CDC, The Surgeon General, President Trump, Governor Pritzker, and others who are in authority over us (Romans 13:1-7).

3) All meetings on church grounds will be suspended until further notice.  This includes Worship, Sunday School, Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies, Small Groups, AA, Weight Watchers, Man-in-the-Mirror.  We especially regret this decision regarding AA as we know how critical these meetings are for continued sobriety.  The coronavirus remains active for hours in the air and days on surfaces, so this is the only wise decision at this time for the good of all Oaks family and especially our staff who need to be on-site for continued ministry duties.

4) We are going to do our best to maintain “cyber-social-connection” via internet streaming, Oaks App, and Oaks Website.  We are presently working on implementing the following:

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